2k17 New Years Resolutions

I know I know I did a really crappy of job of keeping up with this old thing last year but, I promise to try harder this year. It's one of my resolutions and everything. (which obviously means I have to do it right?) **wink**

OKAY! Lets get started.

I have a long list this year because I've decided this is the year of no more playing around. I set out to make myself the best person I could possibly be. Whether that be physically, emotionally, mentally, intellectually, or spiritually I want to do better for me and my future and my dreams.

This is the year of Character Development.


1.  Step out of my comfort zone more.

One huge problem I have is not doing things that make me uncomfortable. Imagine everything I could be missing out on because I'm to scared or because I am letting my Anxiety control my life. No more.

2. Eat Healthier.

I'm a snacker. Big time. I like junk food and sweet sometimes way more than I should. I want to learn how to plan meals better and instead of having things like cheezits to snack on why not an apple or granola. Instead of left overs for breakfast why not yogurt or oatmeal.

3. Try new recipes.

To be completely honest I am just so very bored with making the same meals day after day I want to try new things and new foods.

4. Loose at least 10 lbs.

I have always had a huge problem with how I feel about myself and the way I look. The only person who can change those opinions is me. Why would it matter if others love me if I don't love myself.

5. Care about myself more

This kind of goes hand in hand with number 4 but, its so much more too. Its not just physically I'm slacking on caring about myself. Emotionally and Mentally I am also lacking on self care. I want to be okay in every way I can be.

6. Start my YouTube channel.

This has always been kind of a dream for me ever since I discovered danisnotonfire, amazingphil, Shane Dawson TV, pewdiepie, and Zoella all those years ago. Just what they did and the message they sent out was amazing to me. They're helping people in ways I wish to.

7. Do something special for future me.

Whether it be taking a class or learning a language or finally enrolling in school I want to do something that I will appreciate in 5, 10,20 years.

8. Unplug more often.

We as people spend WAY TOO MUCH time with our screens in our faces. Now before you start slamming me for being anti-technology just wait. That is the last thing I am. Technology has done some amazing things for the human race in recent years. However, I do think everyone could benefit from looking up more often. Just imagine all the beautiful sites and interesting people you're missing out on because of a phone.

9. Save more money.

One of my biggest problems is spending money on useless crap. This year I really need to work on putting money out of every check up for the future.

10. Get more organized, and stay that way.

I am HELLA good at organizing things and putting them in places they are meant to be. I am however not good keeping it that way. I also need to work on keeping a schedule.

11. Keep up with this Blog.

For those of you who are not aware I started this blog a year ago and to be completely honest, It. Went. To. Shit.

Life and work got into the way but, I have since fixed that situation. I am no longer on third shift so my sleep schedule is all fixed and I am getting more done!

I will post a new blog post once a week.

12. Write more.

I have always quite enjoyed writing whether that be short stories, inspirational sayings, or poetry and I've sort let myself coming away from that in the past couple years but I really want to get back into it.

13. Procrastinate Less.

**See quote at the bottom** haha 😉

I'm tired of "tomorrow-ing" my life away.

14. Set up my Photography Portfolio.

I have kind of started doing this one this past year but I have always always always wanted be a nature photographer and I kinda of ended up doing mostly posed photography of people so I want to go back to what I really love.

15. Donate to Charity.

I have always done very well at doing this but I want to be better.

There will always be people who need my time or money more than I will.

The point of being human is loving and helping others.


"A year from now you will wish you had started today."
Karen Lamb



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