When I was younger I was never into superheros. I always thought that was a boy thing and dolls were for girls. That was until I grew up and learned about gender stereotyping (but that’s a post for another day). Anyway I was very, very wrong.

I remember I first started getting into superheroes and the whole comic genre when I was about 17-18 (I’m almost 22 now). My boyfriend at the time was a die hard Marvel fan. His favorites were Ghost Rider and The Punisher. So, of course, I chose DC just to piss him off. My favorite for about 2-ish years was The Flash. He was fast and he was so cool and witty and Thomas Grant Gustin was going to be playing him in the TV show and I’m sure we can all agree he is entirely too freaking adorable.

Well me and that guy broke up when I was 19 but, I held onto the whole Flash thing because he was the only one I knew anything about. So he must be my favorite right? Hell no.

Me and the guy I am with now started dating about 9 months later and this past May he took me (and his two younger brothers) to see this movie that completely changed my life.

The Avengers Age of Ultron.

I was obsessed. I’m still obsessed.

Whats my favorite superhero now? Captain America and Bucky Barnes. That’s right I have two.

In my mind no one can compare to those two. I mean sure there are stronger and wittier and faster, but those two are it for me.

They’re a balance of good and true. The Boy Scout and The Winter Soldier.

I mean they are not the only two I care about The Avengers as a whole are my heart. Everything they are is amazing to me. They are just this group of misfits that fit together so well. They are a family. I don’t know what I would do without them.



I guess my ex wasn’t so wrong after all.



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