Writers Block.

I literally cannot think of anything to put on here. Like I have 3 or 4 half finished post in my drafts and I just..I can’t dude I can’t.

So it may be a few days before I put anything up on here which sucks because I wanted to do a post every week and somewhere along the way I’ve missed one.

I have however kept it up a hell of a lot better than I did last year so there’s that.



hi guys!

Seeing as how I was sick for the end of last week (I get really bad migraines) I will be putting up two blog post this week. One of them will go up today and one later this week. So, this one may be a bit like chatty shit. 🙂


So basically I’m really stoked because tomorrow my birthday present will be coming in and it is my very first DSLR camera and it is a NIKON D3400. I have never owned something like this before and I am just so very excited to finally be able to start my portfolio and finally make use of the Photography section of this blog.

I mean obviously I have tons of dreams and expectations for my life, I mean, just read my long ass bucket list.;)

However, photography has always been there as like a “home base” in a way. It has always been a real passion for me. Now, I won’t go into too much detail because I have done that in an earlier post.

I’ll be sure to leave a review on this blog after using it for a little while.

I’m just so excited for a dream to start coming true!

Whats a dream you’re really excited about?