Random Things I Hate

-Joint Facebook accounts
-Dollar general perfume
-Animal print
-French nails on toes
-Restaurant happy birthday songs
-Small talk
-Bathroom hand dryers
-Boot cut jeans
-Standing in line
-Wheel chair carts at Walmart
-Crying Children
-Talking on the phone
-Tumblr activist
-Empty DVD cases
-Switching the cords on the tv when you want to switch consoles
-Kiosk employees
-Share if you love Jesus Facebook posts
-The smell of cooking bacon
-Family reunion’s in the middle of the grocery store
-Getting gas
-Slow wifi
-Shipping fees
-Being ignored
-The songs Baby Got Back, I’m Too Sexy and, The Bad Touch
-26 separate pictures of your child doing the same thing on social media
-Cookies and cream flavored Oreos


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