Random Things I Love

1. Rain on hot pavement

2. Fresh cut grass

3. Wind on a hot day

4. Wildflowers

5. Big puffy clouds

6. Overwhelming feeling of love

7. When my friends laugh

8. Nicknames

9. Strawberry milkshakes

10. Cherry Grove Pier, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

11. Honeysuckle

12. The interstate in the middle of the night

13. Sailboats

14. The ocean

15. Museums

16. Stars on a clear night

17. Book stored

18. Baked macaroni and cheese

19. Holidays with my family

20. Christmas

21. Craft stores

22. All things Harry Potter

23. The smell of sunscreen

24. Yellow Gatorade

25. Pumpkin patches

26. Hot chocolate

27. Concerts

28. Blueberry muffins

29. Fluffy pancakes

30. Peaches

31. Strawberries

32. Puppies and kittens

33. Long Island ice teas

34. Gilmore Girls, Bones, Warehouse 13, Sherlock, That 70s Show

35. White peonies, roses, and daisies

36. Freshly baked bread

37. My step dads cooking

38. My mothers baking

39. My nanny’s pound cake

40. Telling my fiancé about my day

41. Sales at Bath & Body Works

42. IHOP at night with friends

43. Back roads on a fall day with a good country song

44. Singing 2000s music loudly in the car

45. White Chocolate Mochas

46. Jumping in a pile of leaves

47. Jumping in puddles

48. The first swim of the summer

49. Ocean air

50. Horror Movies


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