Something I’ve learned in my 23 years is that things don’t always go as you planned.


When I was 16 I KNEW that I was going to marry my then boyfriend and have the same best friend for the rest of my life. I can honestly say, I am beyond ecstatic that none of that happened.

You grow up, people change. What kind of life would it be if you were always “16 year old you”.

I didn’t move to London.

I haven’t started school yet. (This one I am particularly thankful for considering I was never 100% on what I wanted to be when I “grew up.”)

I’m not married. I’m not even with that guy anymore.

I still talk to those people occasionally but, they’re not the center of my whole world anymore and that’s okay. Amazing even! Because, I’m the center of my world.

I guess what I’m just trying to say it’s okay when everything you planned doesn’t happen the way you thought it would. Spontaneity is mind blowing. Trust me.

Writers Block.

I literally cannot think of anything to put on here. Like I have 3 or 4 half finished post in my drafts and I just..I can’t dude I can’t.

So it may be a few days before I put anything up on here which sucks because I wanted to do a post every week and somewhere along the way I’ve missed one.

I have however kept it up a hell of a lot better than I did last year so there’s that.


hi guys!

Seeing as how I was sick for the end of last week (I get really bad migraines) I will be putting up two blog post this week. One of them will go up today and one later this week. So, this one may be a bit like chatty shit. 🙂


So basically I’m really stoked because tomorrow my birthday present will be coming in and it is my very first DSLR camera and it is a NIKON D3400. I have never owned something like this before and I am just so very excited to finally be able to start my portfolio and finally make use of the Photography section of this blog.

I mean obviously I have tons of dreams and expectations for my life, I mean, just read my long ass bucket list.;)

However, photography has always been there as like a “home base” in a way. It has always been a real passion for me. Now, I won’t go into too much detail because I have done that in an earlier post.

I’ll be sure to leave a review on this blog after using it for a little while.

I’m just so excited for a dream to start coming true!

Whats a dream you’re really excited about?

Misandry Vs. Feminism

I promise this is not some super duper rant about equality or anything. (That may come later) 😉

This is more like, I am just so very sick of people misunderstanding the difference between Feminism, Egalitarianism, Misandry, and Misogyny. So I’m just going to clear this shit up,


(links for each definition at the bottom)

Feminism: 1 :  the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes, 2 :  organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests

Egalitarianism: 1 :  a belief in human equality especially with respect to social, political, and economic affairs. 2 :  a social philosophy advocating the removal of inequalities among people

Misandry: a hatred of men

Misogyny: a hatred of women

Now, for the love of god, can we please stop calling Misandry Feminism.

Sorry for the short post but it needed to be said. 🙂

Definitions: (which are legit by the way, they’re Webster’s Dictionary)

Feminism Definition

Misandry Definition

Egalitarianism Definition

Misogyny Definition

Top 25 Songs That Mean Something.

Okay. Yeah. To be completely honest I know this is a lazy ass post but ya know what I was supposed to go to bed 3 minutes ago and I realized I didn’t do a post last week so here you go!

As much as this is a shit post I do love music. Especially music with lots of meaning and soul in it so here is 25 songs that just mean something.

They make you think, feel, want, and believe.

  1. Imagine by John Lennon
  2. Times Are A Changin by Bob Dylan
  3. Take Me To Church by Hozier
  4. You Were A House On Fire by Listener
  5. New Bohemia by Transviolet
  6. Revolution by The Beatles
  7. Beautiful by Eminem
  8. Closer To The Edge by Thirty Seconds to Mars
  9. This Is War by Thirty Seconds To Mars
  10. City of Angels by Thirty seconds to mars ( watch the video!! )
  11. Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots
  12. You Need Me, I Don’t Need You by Ed Sheeran
  13. We Didn’t Start The Fire by Billy Joel
  14. Courageous by Casting Crowns
  15. One Girl Revolution by Superchick
  16. Bright Lights by Thirty Seconds To Mars
  17. Wings by Little Mix
  18. Let It Be by The Beatles
  19. Humble And Kind by Time McGraw
  20. If Everyone Cared by Nickleback
  21. The Middle by Jimmy Eat World
  22. Same Love by Macklemore and Marie Lambert
  23. It’s My Life by Aerosmith
  24. Generation Love by Jennette McCurdy
  25. Seven Years by Lukas Graham

Please feel free to leave songs that mean something to you in the comments. 🙂

My Dreams.

My goal in life has always been and will always be to help change the world.

I remember being in high school and telling people that I wanted to save lives and them asking, “Like a cop or a soldier?” But, its not like that at all. I don’t want to punish the evil, I want to end it.

I want to show people who feel like they cant go on one more day, this isn’t the end.

I want to show people who feel like they are not good enough, that they are beautiful.

I want to show people who feel like they have no one, they have me.

I want people to understand  who you love cannot be decided by a court of law.

It is possible to not identify as the gender you were born with.

There are more sexual orientations than just gay and straight.

People should not be judge because of the color of their skin.

Nothing in this world is black and white, We are the grey area.

“We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.”
― Sirius Black, Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix


Photography to me is more than just a hobby. It is a passion and it is beautiful.

Five, ten, twenty, fifty years down the road people will be able to look at a photograph and see the amazing things that have happened on this certain day and see the emotions someone felt or the things they enjoyed and that is amazing to me. It is a window into someones mind and the things they thought were most beautiful. It can be anything from the birth of a child to a bird in a tree, a beautiful wedding day were there is so much love to a child’s toothless smile, a sunset on the beach to a sunrise over the mountains.

It doesn’t matter if the pictures are posed and set up in a studio or taken on a cell phone at a bonfire in high school. Every single picture is a memory and it is so important to me.

I cannot wait to capture memories.

“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
― Karl Lagerfield


When I was younger I was never into superheros. I always thought that was a boy thing and dolls were for girls. That was until I grew up and learned about gender stereotyping (but that’s a post for another day). Anyway I was very, very wrong.

I remember I first started getting into superheroes and the whole comic genre when I was about 17-18 (I’m almost 22 now). My boyfriend at the time was a die hard Marvel fan. His favorites were Ghost Rider and The Punisher. So, of course, I chose DC just to piss him off. My favorite for about 2-ish years was The Flash. He was fast and he was so cool and witty and Thomas Grant Gustin was going to be playing him in the TV show and I’m sure we can all agree he is entirely too freaking adorable.

Well me and that guy broke up when I was 19 but, I held onto the whole Flash thing because he was the only one I knew anything about. So he must be my favorite right? Hell no.

Me and the guy I am with now started dating about 9 months later and this past May he took me (and his two younger brothers) to see this movie that completely changed my life.

The Avengers Age of Ultron.

I was obsessed. I’m still obsessed.

Whats my favorite superhero now? Captain America and Bucky Barnes. That’s right I have two.

In my mind no one can compare to those two. I mean sure there are stronger and wittier and faster, but those two are it for me.

They’re a balance of good and true. The Boy Scout and The Winter Soldier.

I mean they are not the only two I care about The Avengers as a whole are my heart. Everything they are is amazing to me. They are just this group of misfits that fit together so well. They are a family. I don’t know what I would do without them.



I guess my ex wasn’t so wrong after all.


My Bucket List.

I’m just going to jump straight into this one.

This is everything I want to do before I die…BE cautious it’s VERY long.

  1. Visit all 50 states
  2. Go on all 7 continents
  3. See the 7 wonders of the natural world
  4. See all 7 wonders of the modern world
  5. See all 7 wonders of the ancient world
  6. Go Cliff diving
  7. Go on a Road Trip
  8. Go Skinny Dipping
  9. Go to Times Square on News Years Eve
  10. See a Broadway Play
  11. Become a Youtuber
  12. Have My Photography Published
  13. Become a Marvel Superhero
  14. Run a Marathon
  15. Go Surfing
  16. Take a Random flight
  17. Go to Lollapaloza
  18. Go Backpacking in Europe
  19. Go whale Watching
  20. Go in a shark tank
  21. Go backstage at a Concert
  22. Learn another Language
  23. Put a Lock on a Love Bridge
  24. Go to a Fashion Show
  25. Go in a Hot Air Ballon
  26. Ride the London Eye
  27. Stand at the top of the Eiffel Tower
  28. See the Leaning tower of Pisa
  29. Throw a Penny in the Trevi Fountain
  30. Hold a Penguin
  31. Have a Paint Fight
  32. Visit the Tunnel of Love
  33. Leave a Letter at Juliet’s House in Italy
  34. Go To Disney World
  35. Go To Hogwarts and Diagon Alley
  36. Ride a Gondola
  37. Camp on The Beach
  38. Dye my hair a weird crazy color
  39. Sleep in a Igloo
  40. Meet The Avengers cast
  41. Meet the Harry Potter Cast
  42. Donate a Huge amount of Money to Charity
  43. Have a Converse Collection
  44. Go to a Masquerade
  45. See 30 Seconds to Mars Live
  46. Be kissed under Mistletoe
  47. Become a Good Mother
  48. Let go of a Floating Lantern
  49. Own something from Tiffany & Co.
  50. Be happy with myself and my Life.
  51. Egg/TP someones house
  52. Try Paddle Boarding
  53. Watch all Harry Potter movies in one day
  54. Go on a Shopping Spree
  55. Go Star Gazing
  56. Learn to Skateboard
  57. Experience a Meteor Shower
  58. Write a Book
  59. Attend a Protest for something I believe in
  60. Become an Ambassador for Change
  61. Take a Tour of Auschwitz
  62. Drive down the East and West Coast
  63. Learn how to Pole Dance
  64. Stay in a Hostal
  65. Ride on the Autobahn

2k17 New Years Resolutions

I know I know I did a really crappy of job of keeping up with this old thing last year but, I promise to try harder this year. It’s one of my resolutions and everything. (which obviously means I have to do it right?) **wink**

OKAY! Lets get started.

I have a long list this year because I’ve decided this is the year of no more playing around. I set out to make myself the best person I could possibly be. Whether that be physically, emotionally, mentally, intellectually, or spiritually I want to do better for me and my future and my dreams.

This is the year of Character Development.


1.  Step out of my comfort zone more.

One huge problem I have is not doing things that make me uncomfortable. Imagine everything I could be missing out on because I’m to scared or because I am letting my Anxiety control my life. No more.

2. Eat Healthier.

I’m a snacker. Big time. I like junk food and sweet sometimes way more than I should. I want to learn how to plan meals better and instead of having things like cheezits to snack on why not an apple or granola. Instead of left overs for breakfast why not yogurt or oatmeal.

3. Try new recipes.

To be completely honest I am just so very bored with making the same meals day after day I want to try new things and new foods.

4. Loose at least 25 lbs.

I have always had a huge problem with how I feel about myself and the way I look. The only person who can change those opinions is me. Why would it matter if others love me if I don’t love myself.

5. Care about myself more

This kind of goes hand in hand with number 4 but, its so much more too. Its not just physically I’m slacking on caring about myself. Emotionally and Mentally I am also lacking on self care. I want to be okay in every way I can be.

6. Start my YouTube channel.

This has always been kind of a dream for me ever since I discovered danisnotonfire, amazingphil, Shane Dawson TV, pewdiepie, and Zoella all those years ago. Just what they did and the message they sent out was amazing to me. They’re helping people in ways I wish to.

7. Do something special for future me.

Whether it be taking a class or learning a language or finally enrolling in school I want to do something that I will appreciate in 5, 10,20 years.

8. Unplug more often.

We as people spend WAY TOO MUCH time with our screens in our faces. Now before you start slamming me for being anti-technology just wait. That is the last thing I am. Technology has done some amazing things for the human race in recent years. However, I do think everyone could benefit from looking up more often. Just imagine all the beautiful sites and interesting people you’re missing out on because of a phone.

9. Save more money.

One of my biggest problems is spending money on useless crap. This year I really need to work on putting money out of every check up for the future.

10. Get more organized, and stay that way.

I am HELLA good at organizing things and putting them in places they are meant to be. I am however not good keeping it that way. I also need to work on keeping a schedule.

11. Keep up with this Blog.

For those of you who are not aware I started this blog a year ago and to be completely honest, It. Went. To. Shit.

Life and work got into the way but, I have since fixed that situation. I am no longer on third shift so my sleep schedule is all fixed and I am getting more done!

I will post a new blog post once a week.

12. Write more.

I have always quite enjoyed writing whether that be short stories, inspirational sayings, or poetry and I’ve sort let myself coming away from that in the past couple years but I really want to get back into it.

13. Procrastinate Less.

**See quote at the bottom** haha 😉

I’m tired of “tomorrow-ing” my life away.

14. Set up my Photography Portfolio.

I have kind of started doing this one this past year but I have always always always wanted be a nature photographer and I kinda of ended up doing mostly posed photography of people so I want to go back to what I really love.

15. Donate to Charity.

I have always done very well at doing this but I want to be better.

There will always be people who need my time or money more than I will.

The point of being human is loving and helping others.


“A year from now you will wish you had started today.”
Karen Lamb